Phi Capital has launched an investment fund: Phi Capital Growth Fund – I (“Fund”) The Fund's investment is based on Phi Capital's investment approach and strategy. Phi Capital Management LLP will act as the Investment Manager for the Fund. The Fund will invest capital in small & mid-sized Indian businesses through opportunities sourced via in-house research and Phi Capital’s extensive industry network.

Phi Capital Growth Fund - I is a largely sector agnostic fund except for real estate, businesses heavily dependent on Govt. regulations and intellectual property related risks. Contributions to the fund are open to high net worth individuals and institutions based in India. Phi Capital is registered with SEBI as an Alternative Investment Fund – Category II. In line with the governing SEBI AIF Regulations (2012), Phi Capital Growth Fund – I shall invest through equity / equity linked instruments. Investment will primarily be in unlisted companies however the Fund will also explore opportunities in PIPE (private investment in public equity) transactions.

Phi Capital Growth Fund – I’s strategy:

  • Target universe: companies in the valuation range of USD 30 – 300 mn (INR 200 - 2000 Cr)
  • Preferred ticket size: USD 10 – 15 mn for a minority stake
  • Proprietary deal sourcing through in-house research and industry connect without use of intermediaries
  • Engagement model based on collaboration with promoters and management
  • Extensive focus on corporate governance in portfolio companies in order to minimize capital risk