Phi Capital works on a unique model of Active Investment Management. Our contribution to portfolio companies is not limited to capital alone. The Phi Capital team, along with our associates, work very closely with portfolio companies. Our LPs and portfolio companies value this differentiating factor and believe in our ability to contribute to businesses and catalyze change.

We engage with promoters, management & operating teams and provide them strategic direction and operational support on a continuous basis. We also leverage our knowledge, experience and network with external agencies: vendors, customers, banks, financial institutions etc so as to benefit portfolio companies in the best possible way.

In several of our portfolio companies, we have been instrumental in recruitment of senior management, setting overall strategy and developing business models, negotiation of M&A transactions, obtaining loans from banks, set up of processes etc. In all our companies, we participate in rigorous operations and finance reviews on a monthly basis. Continuous involvement and participation in reviews helps us get continuous insight into company performance and promoter / management efficacy. This also helps us ensure our businesses adhere to high levels of corporate governance standards.

Active Investment Management has been a core strength and key differentiator since our beginning. Over the last 4 years, we have seen our involvement deliver tremendous value for the businesses we invest in.